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The Landgard Vision

Landgard is the modern and successful marketing producer cooperative for Flowers & Plants and Fruit & Vegetables in Germany

The Landgard Mission

We focus on successful and long-term partnerships. We view ourselves as the connecting link, and work with all market participants in a conscientious, respectful and fair manner, as partners. In the interests of our cooperative members, producers, employees and customers, our aim is to continuously expand our market position in future. We are active nationally within Germany and internationally, and are progressively optimising our services.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by combining the essential cooperative philosophy with the benefits of a professionally managed marketing organisation.

This is what we allow to guide us in all of our strategic decisions. With tailored product and service concepts, and the first-hand purchase of goods, we offer our customers a year-round product range in the highest quality from regional, national and international production.

Our key corporate values are respect, performance, partnership, loyalty, and transparency, and the consideration of economic, ecological and social values, all of which forms the basis for our everyday activities. All of this is what makes us a strong cooperative – today and in the future.

The Landgard values

Landgard undertakes to abide by the following principles:

  • Respect
  • Performance
  • Partnership
  • Loyalty
  • Transparency

Code of conduct

The Landgard principles, on which the Vision is based, are binding for all employees. Furthermore, Landgard has defined minimum standards for the successful implementation of its value system, which are binding for all employees worldwide within the framework of their activities. These minimum standards relate above all to violations such as corruption and money laundering, but also to data privacy and avoiding conflicts of interests. To this end a code of conduct has been formulated.