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Succeeding together

Landgard is the modern and successful marketing producer cooperative.

Modern marketing for horticulture

About us

We flourish when it comes to marketing

Landgard is Germany’s leading marketing organisation in the horticulture industry. The company is owned 100 percent by the producers, which supply Landgard with potted plants, cut flowers, fruit and vegetables on 365 days a year. Our employees ensure that our customers can be supplied in the specialist wholesale and retail industries, and in the franchise-based retail industry, from DIY stores to supermarkets.


We are the hub

We market what our members produce, quickly, professionally, and in partnership with the retail industry.

The close link to production and our position as a partner of the retail industry requires a differentiated marketing system, consistent customer and market orientation, and high quality standards, so that our products reach the consumers quickly. So that they can enjoy healthy eating and appreciate the freshness.


We want to grow further

The market is changing, and our customers, the producers and service providers are getting larger. We are also developing away from being a local cooperative to become an international marketing organisation. Our strong network, and the depth and breadth of our product and service portfolio on a regional, national and international level, are the driving forces behind our development. We want to grow further in close contact with the market, and with a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit.



The Landgard subsidiaries act as independent companies

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Landgard Foundation

Strengthening and promoting plant breeding and horticulture within Germany

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Vision, mission, values

Landgard is the modern and successful marketing producer cooperative

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Our services

We act sustainably

At Landgard, sustainability is a central component part of our strategic orientation as a modern marketing producer cooperative.

We think regionally

Landgard corresponds to the megatrend of regional focus through its clear commitment to German producers and their products.

Assured quality

Landgard’s quality management pursues an integrated approach, and is a key component of our corporate philosophy.

Regional quality, individual products and more.


Achieving more together.


Creating added value side by side.


Identifying what will bring growth.


Diversity needs strong roots.

Your contact with us.

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