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The quality and beauty of the plants must convince customers, with no ifs and buts! This is the attitude the Artmeyer family company in the Münsterland region has been applying for 60 years to cultivating high-quality plants on a 50-hectare plot to meet the wishes of customers. A committed team of employees and modern production methods represent amazing quality, fair prices and sustainable products, which are certified under the global GAP standard. The focus of the multimedia presentation at the Landgard stand at the IPM 2018 was on the prize-winning hydrangea macrophylla variety ‘Dive fiore’®. This reblooming hydrangea is hardy, reliably producing the classic, bright flowers throughout the summer each year, and scores additional points for its compact and stable growth. “We consider this the best reblooming variety on the market,” emphasises owner Norbert Artmeyer. “We were therefore delighted to use this opportunity to specially promote our ‘Diva fiore’ as a highlight product at the Landgard trade fair stand. The joint presentation benefits all of us. The strengths of Landgard are thus presented in a concentrated manner, and at the same time the products and strengths of the individual Landgard producers are emphasised.” (Photo: Peter Henrichmann / ivz.medien GmbH)

Norbert Artmeyer Artmeyer Baumschule

“The idea of a joint presentation at the Landgard stand convinced us immediately,” says Susanne Degenhardt, owner of Degenhardt. “And the feedback from our visitors showed that this improved their perception of us as a part of our producer cooperative. We were therefore delighted to make use of this larger platform to present our products to an even wider audience.” The company specialises in the cultivation and preparation of flower bulbs, and in the process is continuously joining with Landgard in taking new and innovative paths. The producer cooperative thus offers, e.g., especially for children, under the licence of the popular German TV show “Sendung mit der Maus” (“The Show with the Mouse”), flower bulbs from the family business as a “Mouse and Elephant Garden Bulb Mix”.

Susanne Degenhardt Degenhardt

With 70 competent employees, Dehne is one of the leading companies in this segment, cultivating potted plants on over 10 hectares of modern greenhouse spaces in Wiesmoor, annually producing up to 10 million potted plants in specialist retail quality. The owner, Lars Dehne, places particular emphasis on reliable order handling, high product safety, a wide range of plants, and sustainable, environmentally friendly production processes. This commitment pays off: Dehne Topfpflanzen is certified under GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP. In the producer area of the Landgard stand at the IPM 2018, the company presented a wide range of flowering houseplants, green plants, architectural plants, spring bloomers, and bedding and balcony plants in real specialist retail quality. To this end, Dehne Topfpflanzen on the one hand displayed its own concepts, such as “Hardy garden plants”, “Frisian spring”, “In good conscience...” and “Plants with durability guarantee”. On the other hand, customers have the option of putting together individual mix containers from the available product ranges, and to integrate the products however they wish e.g. into numerous Landgard sales concepts. “Through this joint presentation at the IPM, we are able to link our products even better with the options provided by the Landgard sales concepts,” explains Lars Dehne. “At the same time, the innovative stand concept with integrated member companies represented a cost-efficient presentation option, allowing us to benefit from the attractiveness and scope of the Landgard trade fair presentation.” Further information at

Lars Dehne Dehne Topfpflanzen

With a team of 15 committed employees, the horticulture company Bert Schmitz has set itself the target of offering customers innovative products for every season, catering to plant lovers of all ages. Flexible, dynamic and modern, the company has a plot of 4 hectares where it produces high-quality bedding plants, hanging baskets, summer perennials, autumn perennials, asters and soleirolia. The horticultural company places particular emphasis on responsible use of natural resources and on sustainable production, and has been certified for these under GlobalG.A.P. since 2011, and under GRASP since 2016. “We knew immediately that we would be demonstrating our membership of Landgard at the IPM,” emphasises operations manager Tristan Heinen-Bizjak. “The joint presentation has numerous advantages for us: we were able to present ourselves at the largest industry trade fair as part of a strong cooperative; we could efficiently advertise our own business; we could utilise the collected customer contacts of the largest German marketing organisation for flowers and plants; and at the same time we could communicate intensively with customers and Landgard employees.” As a new feature of the trade fair, the centrepiece of the multimedia presentation was the “Crazy Unicorn”, a calibrachoa in three colours that makes smart use of the unicorn trend, embellishing the plant with fairytale decorations.

Tristan Heinen-Bizjak Gartenbau Bert Schmitz

Gartenbau Weilbrenner is the specialist for carnivorous plants in Germany. For 35 years, the plant nursery in the Palatinate town of Freinsheim has been concentrating exclusively on the cultivation and breeding of carnivorous plants. These have been marketed to wholesalers throughout Germany for 30 years, together with Landgard eG. The company utilises state-of-the-art breeding methods and a complete product range, from individual potted plants and the appropriate substrate to sophisticated terrarium products. In order to supply its customers with first-class products at all times, the Weilbrenner family insists on a remarkable depth of production, “from the seed to the sales-ready product”. “Of over 1000 species of carnivorous plants, we breed the specific varieties that are suitable for the German horticulture market. Together with Landgard, we are the most capable supplier of carnivorous plants in Germany,” emphasise the owners, Bernd and Lukas Weilbrenner. “Through our joint trade fair presentation with Landgard, we have further strengthened this cooperative character, and at the same time we have sustainably increased the familiarity and recognition factor of our company and our products.”

Bernd und Lukas Weilbrenner Gartenbau Weilbrenner

With innovative concepts and fresh marketing ideas, my products offer more than quality.

Bernd Velmans Gärtnerei Velmans